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Be Wise About Window Myths:

Do not open windows during a storm. It only lets damaging wind and rain into your home.

Tape does not protect your windows from flying debris.

Window film does not provide much gain in protection from impact of anticipated debris. It does keep the glass shards together when the window breaks.



The Inspection Process

The objective of this inspection is to gather the information your insurer needs to feel comfortable in giving you the maximum discount available with their product.  The homeowner is encouraged to be present at the inspection so they can see what the inspector is looking for and understand the mitigation requirements.

A complete report includes a written summary of the wind/storm mitigation elements in your home.  The report includes photographic documentation.  The report also notes the absence of recommended elements to assist the homeowner in planning future upgrades.  It will meet the needs of many insurers so that the report doesn’t have to be changed every time you change insurance carriers. 

It is important to choose a certified SC Safe Home Inspector who is trained to recognize the required elements (IE: roof nailing patterns or roofing material) but is not bound by law to bring up issues not to code outside the realm of wind mitigation information as some other professionals are.

If you are interested in a huricane mitigation inspection, please contact us.