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Be Wise About Window Myths:

Do not open windows during a storm. It only lets damaging wind and rain into your home.

Tape does not protect your windows from flying debris.

Window film does not provide much gain in protection from impact of anticipated debris. It does keep the glass shards together when the window breaks.



About Us - Huricane Mitigation Inspection Services

Jay Holloway is a certified inspector for the South Carolina Safe Home program.  Jay is trained to perform inspections that focus on areas in your home which protect your property in a wind event (structures, integrity, etc.).  The results of this inspection can be used to determine your home’s mitigation needs (areas of improvement) and eligibility for grants through the South Carolina Safe Home Program.

Many insurers are now using the same standards for providing coverage and/or discounts and Mr. Holloway is qualified to do these inspections as well.  He has assisted some local companies in the development of a checklist and in the training of their staff.  Even if you are not buying insurance or applying for grants, wind mitigation inspection is an inexpensive way to help you determine your home’s ability to withstand a wind event. 

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.