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Be Wise About Window Myths:

Do not open windows during a storm. It only lets damaging wind and rain into your home.

Tape does not protect your windows from flying debris.

Window film does not provide much gain in protection from impact of anticipated debris. It does keep the glass shards together when the window breaks.



Hurricane Mitigation Inspection Services

Hurricane mitigation inspections began in South Carolina because of the Ominbus Coastal Insurance Act of 2007. This law identified 10 areas in to strengthen your home during a hurricane event. These areas are:

The inspection verifies whether your home currently meets the standards or provides you with the information needed to make the necessary changes to strengthen your home. When you have verified that you meet the standards, the law requires that insurance companies reward you with premium reductions. Also, South Carolina will assist you with the upgrades in the form of tax credits and refund of sales tax charged among other advantages.

Click here to learn more about the Ominibus Coastal Insurance Act.

Click here to open the the document for the Omnibut Coastal Insurance Act.

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