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Hurricane Protection Myth:

Leaving your windows open or partially open will reduce the pressure of hurricane force winds on your home.


A MYTHBUSTERS episode showed that leaving windows open does not significantly reduce pressure in the home and allows water to penetrate.


Storm Shield

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OCS is the only certified Storm Shield Systems™ dealer/installer in Beaufort County, South Carolina.

With an experienced staff of installers, OCS will install Storm Shield Systems™ to the specifications outlined by the manufacturer. Impromperly installed covers can cause the product to not function at optimal levels or in some cases completely fail to protect your home.

With permission from Hurricane Protection Systems, LLC, the manufacturer of Storm Shield Systems™, the information below is provided from their website.

How it Works

Storm Shield Systems™ is a patent-pending system that uses interlocking panels of revolutionary cellular foam panels that form a "sheer wall" to shield windows and doors from flying debris and direct wind force. The panels are lightweight, waterproof and can increase the strength of a property by 25 percent. The Storm Shield System™ is one of the easiest hurricane protection systems to install on the market. After the initial installation, most home owners can mount or remove the panels on their own. Each piece is light weight, easy to handle and safe for storm-condition installation.

Widely known as the "Invisible System," Storm Shields Systems™ literally can't be seen when not in use. And unlike wood and aluminum alternatives, Storm Shield Systems™ will not rot, rust, crack, peel, or compromise the architectural beauty of your home or business. Stainless steel inserts are installed into the window trim to receive the thumbturns used to hold the interlocking panels in place. When not in use, the inserts are hidden with plugs that are flush to the trim. Even from just a few feet away, the system is invisible to the naked eye. 

Storm Shield Systems™ panels are precision-cut and customized for each opening. The interlocking panels prevent damage that is often not covered by insurance. The panels can be installed on all types of building materials, including brick, aluminum, vinyl, wood and stucco. Special applications, such as arched and bay windows, entries,palladian windows and sliding doors can easily be accommodated.

Inside Application SystemStorm Shield

Storm Shield Systems™ brings you the most secure and cost-effective system for those hard-to-reach windows in your home or office: the Inside Application. Using the same dense cellular foam found in the standard Storm Shield System™, the Inside Application safely protects your double-hung windows by allowing you to install the system from inside your home. When installed on doors, it also gives you the flexibility to remain within your home with an easy exit and entry.

Storm Shield10 Year Warranty

Hurricane Protection Systems, LLC warrants to the original owner of the Storm Shield System™ that the Storm Shield Systems™ panels will be free from manufacturing defects causing rotting, delaminating, or excessive swelling to the panels for a period of ten (10) years from the date of the original installation of the Storm Shield System™. For more details about the warranty, visit the Storm Shield website.

Storm ShieldStorage

When a storm is approaching, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Storm Shield System™ panels are easily accessible in a waterproof storage box designed with both function and aesthetics in mind. The boxes not only stow your panels in a convenient, orderly fashion, but they also serve double duty as attractive deck benches that can comfortably seat up to four adults. Standard box size is 8 feet in length and can be ordered in heights of either 20 or 30 inches. The boxes are accessible at one end by simply releasing the thumbturns or top hinged lid. Panels easily slide out and are ready for immediate installation. Hinged tops are available.