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Hurricane Protection Myth:

Leaving your windows open or partially open will reduce the pressure of hurricane force winds on your home.


A MYTHBUSTERS episode showed that leaving windows open does not significantly reduce pressure in the home and allows water to penetrate.


PANEL Shutters/ Covers

When deciding on the correct type of product to use on your home. Panel shutters offer several advantages. They are easily stored outside under a porch, in a corner, or in its own box. Panels work best when the opening is low to the ground and relatively square. There are two types of panel products OCS uses. Storm Shield and Aluminum corrugated panels.

Storm ShieldStorm Shield Hurricane Protection, Beaufort Sc

Storm Shield is custom built for your home. The keyholes and special designed thumb turns make it one of the quickest systems to deploy. It can also be designed to be deployed from the inside of your home if you have double hung windows.



Metal Corrugated panels

Metal Hurricane PanelsMetal panels are usually the least expensive way to protect your home. Panels come in two widths, 12” and 6”. This type of cover works best when they are installed from the ground. They are a good way to protect your home on a budget.