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Hurricane Protection Myth:

Leaving your windows open or partially open will reduce the pressure of hurricane force winds on your home.


A MYTHBUSTERS episode showed that leaving windows open does not significantly reduce pressure in the home and allows water to penetrate.


Hurricane Protection FAQ'sHurricane Fran

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How should I prepare for hurricane season?
Owners should test all shutters for parts & performance. Clean & lubricate accordion shutters, replace missing bolts / anchors. Perform a trial run before the first storm.

What is the best way to purchase hurricane shutters?
Shutters are the first line of defense against an impending storm. With the many types of residential and commercial shutters available on the market, shopping can be a daunting task. However, once you understand what each shutter offers, you will find that choosing the right one for your home is relatively easy.

taping a windowShould I tape my windows when a hurricane threatens?
No, it is a waste of effort, time, and tape. It offers little strength to the glass and NO protection against flying debris. After the storm passes you will spend many a hot summer afternoon trying to scrape the old, baked-on tape off your windows (assuming they weren't shattered). Once a Hurricane Warning has been issued you would be better off spending your time putting up shutters over doors and windows.

Hurricane ArmorShould I put shutters over my doors ?
Obviously sliding glass doors, french doors or any door with considerable glass in it should be protected. Some double doors or garage doors should either be shuttered or reinforced.

Why should I get hurricane shutters ?
People who live in coastal counties from Texas to Maine, and those in other hurricane prone areas, will find shutters an excellent investment for protecting their lives and property. They protect against wind and wind-borne debris. These shutters protect not only the windows or doors they cover, but also possessions and people inside the building. Once a window or door has been breeched by hurricane winds tremendous pressure is brought to bear on interior walls and upward pressure on the building's roof. This can lead to roof failure which exposes the entire contents of the building to the storm. Shutters are a first line of defense against the hurricane. Much of the damage and building failure in during a hurricane can be prevented by well installed hurricane shutters over windows and doors.

Why should I bother with shutters if I live in an evacuation zone?
Shutters will protect your house and possessions from wind damage whether you are there or not. If the storm surge should reach your home then the shutters won't protect against the flood of water. But not every place in the evacuation zone will flood. You should take every reasonable precaution to protect your property.

What are the best kind of shutters ?
The best kind are those that are affordable, are easy to install, and offer the greatest protection. Which of these properties is most important to you depends on individual circumstances.

Which ever type you decide on it is important to remember that shutters are only as good as the quality of their installation. OCS ensures that all shutters are installed by highly trained, experienced qualified workmen and that only quality materials that meet the building code are used.

When is the best time to get my shutters installed ?
The best time to have shutters installed is when the house is built so they can be a part of the design. If you own a house without shutters have them installed as soon as is pracitcal. Keep in mind that the beginning of hurricane season may be a busy time for most installation companies. Do NOT wait until a Hurricane Watch is issued for your area.

At the start of each hurricane season you should test out your shutters. For permanently installed shutters try closing each one to make sure they work smoothly and lock tight. For panels and plywood shutters try a couple of windows and doors to ensure the hardware works and check the time you need to complete the job. Repair any problems at this time so that everything is ready when a storm threatens.

When a Hurricane Watch is issued for your area check all mechanisms and hardware again, and maybe install the more difficult shutters. If you live in an evacuation zone and it will take 2 or 3 hours to complete your shutter installation, you may want to start during the Watch phase. If you are not in an evacuation zone you should time your installation early in the Warning phase so that you are not struggling with panels during high winds.