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Hurricane Protection Myth:

Leaving your windows open or partially open will reduce the pressure of hurricane force winds on your home.


A MYTHBUSTERS episode showed that leaving windows open does not significantly reduce pressure in the home and allows water to penetrate.



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OCS is the only certified Storm-A-Rest dealer/installer in Beaufort County, South Carolina.

With an experienced staff of installers, OCS will install Storm-A-Rest to the specifications outlined by the manufacturer. Impromperly installed covers can cause the product to not function at optimal levels or in some cases completely fail to protect your home.

With permission from JHRG LLC, the manufacturer of Storm-A-Rest, the information below is provided from their website.


Storm-A-Rest InstallationStorm-A-Rest InstallationStorm-A-Rest hurricane protection panels offer certified protection for homes and businesses. The patent-pending panel design and accessory options have been rigorously tested and approved for the most stringent impact protection standards and offer Class 5 (up to 175 mph), resistance protection for large projectile impacts. Storm-A-Rest panels are custom made and can be installed over windows, doors, or other openings within a home or business.

Easy InstallationStorm-A-Rest™ panels offer certified protection never before seen in a fabric panel design. Crafted of patented Supreme Protector® fabric, made from Honeywell Spectra® fiber, these custom panels are designed to protect your home from wind driven rain, high winds and flying debris.

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Storm-A-Rest InstallationStorm-A-Rest InstallationWith fabric weighing less than 2 ounces per square foot, a 36" X 54" Storm-A-Rest™ panel weighs less than 3 pounds yet gives certified protection for up to

175 mph wind conditions. Initial anchor installation by OCS is quick. Once installed, the panels are easily deployed and fastened into place with either sammy bolts or wing nuts for tapcon installations.

Storm-A-Rest panels feature optional Sunbrella® acrylic accent fabrics. With numerous colors and styles to choose from, Storm-A-Rest panels with Sunbrella fabric offer an unprecedented level of protection as well as design and style.

Sunbrella fabrics make life easy. Fade-proof, stain-resistant, and livable, Sunbrella fabrics are worry-free and incredibly long lasting. From the bright sun to heavy rain, Sunbrella fabrics are tough enough to withstand the extremes of Mother Nature while remaining beautiful season after season.

Contact OCS for more information about Storm-A-Rest Panels (Hurricane Shutters).

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