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Hurricane Protection Myth:

Leaving your windows open or partially open will reduce the pressure of hurricane force winds on your home.


A MYTHBUSTERS episode showed that leaving windows open does not significantly reduce pressure in the home and allows water to penetrate.


Hurricane Protection

When a storm is approaching, you want to know that you can quickly, easily and safely implement your storm protection over your windows and doors. OCS uses cutting edge technology from top vendors to provide you with the best hurricane protection for your investment.

See through storm protectionAt OCS, we try to select companies that represent the best in their category / protection type. We will not represent a company that cannot document testing for their product and is willing to provide you with a copy of that documentation. In the fast changing world of homeowners insurance these documents will be used by your insurance underwriter to help you maximize your potential premium discounts. A fully protected structure can reduce the risk to your home as much as 70%.

The installation is critical, if that is not correct, then you wasted your money. OCS has taken the time to be trained by our vendors and partners in the installation of their product.

Questions you need to ask, when selection a hurricane protection system:

Beaded hurrican shutterCan I deploy the products myself? Hurricane systems can get complicated quickly. Parts get lost, directions misplaced. Understanding how to deploy your protection system is critical when your stress level begins to rise as a storm approaches.  

Can I deploy SAFELY? Weights and heights can quickly increase the risk during the deployment of your hurricane system. Many people can pick up a plywood window panel. But when you need to carry it up a ladder, hold it in place while using your drill to sink in a screw, you can quickly see how your safety becomes a major factor that would influence your decision on which product to select.

Can I deploy in a timely fashion?  Under an evacuation event you cannot expect a contractor to get to your home in time. The speed of the storm, evacuation routes, along with the rules from homeowner associations can effect the window of opportunity to protect your home.

Hurricane ShuttersHave you got the number?  Selecting the right product for you and your house is critical. You need to know that the hurricane product you choose is a tested product. The best way is to check is over the internet. The Florida approval code website is the easiest way to verify your product will do what you need it to do. If it is not on the list, OCS will not use it.

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