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Garage doors have little impact other than overall look of the home.


A garage door can impact your insurance costs, heating/cooling costs, and value of the home.


Garage Doors & Hurricanes

Garage doors are typically in the largest openings associated with residential structures. There are several items that should be kept in mind regarding a garage door’s wind load performance in hurricanes:

  1. Backing a vehicle against a garage door may not prevent the door from being damaged, because a garage door is subject to either being blown into the garage or pulled out of the opening, and may also damage the vehicle.
    hurricane photo
  2. Keeping a garage door open during a hurricane leaves the interior walls, ceilings and roof structure vulnerable to structural damage and possible collapse of the structure.

  3. Adding weight, particularly non-manufacturer-specified reinforcement, to a door can create a dangerous situation that may result in property damage and/or personal injury. Owners should avoid adding reinforcement to a garage door themselves. This will increase the weight of the door and may result in failure or collapse of the supporting tracks or other components that may not be suitable to carry the extra weight. Upgrading garage doors by adding reinforcement must be performed as a package that includes appropriate springs and hardware and supporting track. Contact a trained door systems technician regarding this matter.

  4. There are some coastal areas that are subject to storm surges where it is more important that the door “break away” from the structure rather than resist wind load. Contact your local building department if the structure in question may be included in this requirement.

  5. If you question your garage door’s ability to resist hurricane force winds, contact a design professional to evaluate both the door and the surrounding frame of the opening. Keep in mind that the attachment of both the door track and the doorjamb to the structure are just as critical as the strength of the door itself.