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Garage doors have little impact other than overall look of the home.


A garage door can impact your insurance costs, heating/cooling costs, and value of the home.


Garage Doors as Architectural Elements

Garage Doors in Beaufort SCGarage Doors, Beaufort ScJust a few years ago a garage door as we see it now was a new idea.  Beaufort, South Carolina is a great place to see the development because of its rich history of architecture that spans almost 300 years.  In the Old Point of Beaufort we have examples of early carriage houses and barns. Most of these buildings did not have large doors to close them up. These were places for the transportation equipment, carriages and horses. They were mostly open spaces with roofs on them.  The structures with doors, had doors that either swung out or in. That function drove the design. The Z’s and X’s in those doors were not there for looks, they were there to help keep the door from sagging on the ends. Now we know those designs as Carriage House styles.

Garage Doors, Beaufort SCGarage Doors, Beaufort SCAs the automobile became more common, a place to keep it out of the weather became increasingly important, thus the garage was born. In Beaufort you can see different types of old style garages. Most are separate buildings. Smaller ones had one opening with the more affluent having two. Swing doors in these garages became a problem because of the amount of space it required to operate.  Because of this the Sectional garage door was created. Early designs, like carriage doors, were made of wood and took on the look of squares or rectangles.  Spring systems were developed to lift them up. The doors themselves became lighter since they were made out of metal or a new material called fiberglass. Though the basic rectangle and square designs stayed the same. 

Garage Door history, Beaufort SCHistory of Garages, Beaufort SCMost of today’s home designs include a garage area where 2 doors are the norm, or one large door to allow two cars to be stored. But what about the design?  A garage now takes up about 1/3 of the home’s space, so designers are looking at a garage door as a major element in the look of a home.  The designs of squares and rectangles are now cliché’ and being replaced with the older designs of Z’s and X’s. The materials of metal and fiberglass are again being replaced by wood, but also Azek, PVC, Permex, and many other new composite materials. The idea of what garage door is supposed to do has also changed. In the beginning the door was only supposed to go up and down, but now it has become a structural element in the design of a house with a tested design pressure rating.

History of Garage Doors, Beaufort SCHistory of Garage DoorsIn every way a garage door is an architectural element of a home design and should be given as much thought as the front door or window. OCS is committed to offering and installing the best Architectural Garage Elements in the area.

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